Service-Learning Programs

More than a simple holiday, a true life-changing experience, for you and the world

10, 15 or 21 day Programs for High School or University students. If you're a Teacher, Professor or a group of students and want to improve your curriculum, gain new professional tools or a better understanding about the connection between global issues, contact us for more information and to reserve the ultimate service-learning experience in Peru.

Future for kids

A program focused in projects to improve life quality, education and food security of local children: improvement of school libraries, school organic gardens and kid’s food forest, school building renewing and improvements, water and sanitation at schools; building of playgrounds.
A great time for our participants to work, play and have cultural exchange with local kids

Women's Empowerment

Supporting local women in their process of empowerment, economic development and skills reproduction security; participants will collaborate in projects such as building of ceramic ovens for kitchen improvement,
family gardens and small animal farming (guinea pigs, chickens), bee keeping, water filters distribution, solar coffee driers, fish farming and aquaponics, solar water heaters


Discover and understand the links and cause-effect relationship between environmental degradation, global health and poverty. Eco-Health is an emerging field of study researching how changes in the earth’s ecosystems affect human health. It has many prospects. Eco-Health examines changes in the biological, physical, social and economic environments and relates these changes to human health.

Food Security

Food Security: how to feed the world in the age of climate change and overgrowth.

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