the permaculture coffee

Ecological Peruvian Cloud Forest Coffee

Produced by our stakeholder communities, distributed by us to support a fair economic security to Yanesha people.

Unique like who produces it

Each bag of coffee purchased comes with its own unique story; we inform you not only about the location of cultivation and variety of the coffee, but also the name of the lot and farmer who produced it. This allows you to have transparency on where and who your money is directly supporting.

No fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or external inputs are used to produce our coffee.

Stronger Together

By purchasing this unique coffee, you are actively participating in the conservation and regeneration of the Amazonian forest providing human security to local populations.

We as a Non-Profit organization set the bar high, in making sure the community as well as the environment stay protected and are supported.

Permaculture Management

Better than organic farming and beyond this concept

Much more than just sustainable agriculture, permaculture is an integral view that incorporates the full spectrum of human and natural elements: the environment, energy, resources, housing, community, technology, education, art, spirituality, healthcare and more. It is a solution-based way of thinking and an integrated design system that provides a realistic alternative for future sustainability. By creating resource- efficient and productive human environments, permaculture reduces our footprint on the Earth.

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