Our Projects

 Small but effective «Bottom-up» development projects: organic farming, water filters distribution, reforestation, education, permaculture, infrastructure’s improvements and renewing, pollution mitigation, etc • Support to local business (Women’s Associations, Coffee Farmer’s Associations) • Support to local Environmental Conservation Institutions through partnership and technical support or participation to projects


Community Development

Making the difference!

Agro-forestry, permaculture and food security (water filters distribution, familiar organic gardens, solar coffee driers, reforestation with native trees, synergic agricolture.

List of delivered projects

- Support to Women’s Handcraft Association of Yanesha community of Tsachopen (buyed 2 industrail sewing machines)

- Financial support for the building of the Communal Center of the Yanesha community «Union de la Selva»

- Building the communal kitchen at the communal center of Yanesha community «El Milagro»

- Distribution of 150 water filters for families in 5 Yanesha communities (Nagatzu, Mayme, El Milagro, Union de la Selva, Tsachopen)

- Built 20 organic family gardens in the Yanesha community «Mayme»

- Renewing of the communal kitchen in the Yanesha community «Nagatzu»

- Financial support to buy water pipes and renewing local water distribution system - Yanesha community «Nagatzu»

- Built 4 solar coffee driers in the communities of Nagatzu and Tsachopen and delivered materials of other 4 ones.

- Logistic support to 2017 58th Congress of Yanesha Communities Federation

- Delivered 2,000USD of Medical Equipments and Tools to the Community Health Center of the Yanesha community «Shiringamazu»


Education & Outreach

To share new perspectives

7Elements Peru has in Education its core activity! Not only developing amazing service-learning programs for students but also managing technical courses and training sessions for local professionals or leaders. In official partnership with the Oxapampa Provincial Town Hall (Office of Indigenous Affairs), 7Elements Peru is developing a series of seminars and full training initiatives to teach permaculture and permaculture design to local agronomists, administrators and community leaders of Ashaninka and Yanesha indigenous communities.


Support Services

Our experience to support big ideas

7Elements Peru collaborates with different international companies and non profit organization, providing logistic support and experts for the development of projects, development and conservation operations, investigations and educational travels. Contact our team to see how we can help you to run a successful project in the Peruvian cloud and rain forest.

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